Introduction to the River Rock Comics team

Emily Whitaker

Emily is the author of Ladies of Market Street and Mind Freaks. Her Mom always said “If you want to break the rules you need to know the rules.” So she studied the classics!

She studied Shakespeare at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and at Circle in the Square Theatre School under Edward Berkeley.

She began writing at a young age and never stopped.  And now she is happy to share with you some of her work.

Benvolio is the story of Romeo’s cousin in Romeo and Juliet.  Following Benvolio through the time line of the pay, this young adult novel reveals how his benevolent actions lead to the tragic end.

Emily is also building a comic book with local artist Trey Baldwin called Ladies of Market Street.  Together they are telling the story of Veronica’s soiled doves.

Stay tuned for more, as she just won’t stop writing.

Trey Baldwin

Trey is the artist of Ladies of Market Street. He is a freelance artist and illustrator. He has worked on many projects ranging from t-shirt designs to illustrating extinct megafauna.

He is the artist and co-author of the web comic series Collapsar Comics, which is entering it’s 4th year of production.