Ladies of Market Street

Ladies of Market Street is our first comic book series.

Book one is available on now.

Join this site and follow us on twitter to watch the series continue to grow.

Here is a little teaser about the series:

Veronica Baldwin, disguised as a man infiltrates a white slave ring headquartered in the dank basement of a normal suburban house in New Jersey. She is on a mission to save her stolen sister. She’s on her own and she knows it: Veronica is a New York City Madam, well acquainted with the seedy underground of organized crime. The arm of the law is not long enough to touch the powerful puppeteer pulling the strings behind the slave ring. When she learns that her sister has been executed by this malefactor she is ready to fight fire with fire. After a fight that nearly ends her life, she escapes and returns to her girls, her Sisterhood of Soiled Doves. She hides her girls under the façade of a New York City real estate agency. Veronica and her girls get to know their adversary and quickly realize he is far more powerful than they ever suspected.


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